June 23, 1998 12:00 AM

“Arthur” and “10” actor Dudley Moore, 65, has expressed his dismay over the tone of reports about his BBC TV interview Monday night in which he detailed his degenerative brain disorder. In a statement issued yesterday, Moore, who had open heart surgery last year and has reportedly suffered four strokes, said he was “hurt and discouraged” by reports suggesting that he is near death. “Imagine my surprise to be informed this morning, by the BBC’s Web site and other press, that I have only weeks to live. I should, I imagine, let my doctor know this, as when I saw him last week he thought things were much better.” Moore accused the world’s press of overlooking recent positive news about him, such as the setting up of a Web site about his disease (progressive supranuclear palsy) and the release of a CD to raise money for its research. “I suppose my imminent death will sell papers, while my positive and life-affirming work is of no interest to anyone,” said Moore. “I am hurt and discouraged by your cruelty.”

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