July 22, 2014 07:00 AM

5’9″ isn’t really that short.

Unless the guy you’re playing tennis against is 6’11”.

This was the case Thursday, when David “Dudi” Sela, an Israeli tennis player, went up against Croatian Ivo Karlovic in the Claro Open Colombia, in Bogoté.

Though Sela lost the match, he won the crowd (and the internet) with his display of post-match sportsmanship: The 5’11” Sela grabbed a chair and hustled up to the net, using it to give Karlovic, his 6’11” opponent, a friendly hug.

The display was quickly made into a GIF and did well on Reddit. The top comment notes that “Dudi had just lost a very close match,” making the gesture that much more heartening.

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