Because perfection is overrated

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated August 26, 2015 11:00 AM

Perfection is overrated. Just ask the guys behind Dude Decent, a video on YouTube channel Vat19 that parodies the super popular Dude Perfect channel.

Playing off the same concept that helped earn Dude Perfect 6.5 million subscribers – guys posting videos of themselves accomplishing close-to-impossible sports feats and celebrating with high fives and energetic jumps afterward – Dude Decent instead celebrates almost scoring a perfect 10 in each of their challenges.

In the video, the group tackles several different trick shots. Their one requirement: The delivery must be decent. Which is why one of the guys is disappointed when he attempts to throw a ring onto a stick 100 feet away and succeeds.

“Oh, shoot. It went right on there,” he says of the X-Zylo Stick-It challenge. “Let’s try it again I guess.”

They do and fail, much to their delight. “That was pretty decent, baby!”

Although Dude Decent isn’t an actual YouTube channel, Vat19 is undoubtedly a YouTube troupe to watch. The guys have churned out videos devoted to awesome gifts that might not seem practical, but in reality are totally needed for every day, like emoji pillows (because nothing says “cuddle time” quite like a puffy poop emoji), watermelon kegs and wooden bow ties.

Happy viewing!