#DrummondPuddleWatch is taking over

We’ve reached peak internet, folks.

Nearly 20,000 people are tuning in to a Periscope of a puddle in Newcastle, England. Yes, you read that correctly. #DrummondPuddleWatch is taking over the world. Or, at least, social media.

The fascination is hard to explain. England, as we all know, tends to get a lot of rain. And, in most cases, rain leads to puddles.

But this is no ordinary puddle. For one, it’s big. People are bringing surfboards, rafts and “wet floor” signs. There are crowds gathering to witness the magic in person – including a full-on camera crew. Some are even attempting to cross the puddle without assistance, or even on a bike.

But the puddle is capturing the attention of people from all around the world – and of course, they’re reacting on Twitter. //storify.com/peoplemag/20-000-people-are-watching-a-puddle-on-the-interne.js?header=none&border=false

Currently, the puddle has attracted 80,000 likes (and counting), and is receiving comments every second. The Telegraph reached out to the people over at Drummond Central, the company that’s Periscoping the puddle magic.

“It’s brilliant,” Richard Rippon, Drummond Central’s social media manager, said. “There are many puddles in the world and this one’s ours, so we are very proud of it.

“We mainly set it up for our own amusement. We decided to lifestream it so we could all watch it from our desks, as it was funny to watch people try to cross the puddle.”

Go forth and prosper, puddle crossers.