August 05, 2015 11:55 AM

On July 27, drugs rained into the yard at Mansfield Correction Institution, south of Cleveland, Ohio. Specifically, nearly a quarter-ounce of heroin, over two ounces of marijuana and more than five ounces of tobacco. They were part of a package dropped by a high-flying drone, captured on security cameras as it flew over the yard and delivered its payload.

Predictably, this did not go well. An inmate for whom who the drugs were apparently not meant attempted to pick up the package, which naturally caused some problems – to wit, a brawl – in the yard.

Corrections officers subdued the inmates, and there were no reported injuries. At least nine inmates were placed in solitary confinement. The drone’s whereabouts and origins are unknown.

Drones: They’re here to help.

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