Drew Carries Show Live

Drew Carey has enjoyed the popularity of his self-titled ABC TV sitcom and also the recent success of the improvisational sketch comedy series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Wednesday night he combined the two, with a live, improv-heavy episode of “The Drew Carey Show.” Of course, live TV is nothing new — “ER” put on an adrenaline-heavy episode last season, but that episode was scripted. In improvised portions of Carey’s show, cast members were often joined by “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star Brad Sherwood, who surprised them with an object they were instructed to handle and a song they were assigned to sing — polka-style. Carey, cast and crew performed the live shows (for all three time zones) without many mistakes, but the Associated Press reports that a network censor took advantage of the five-second delay to cover a scene involving a stripper who flashed a bottom at the camera.

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