May 24, 2014 10:40 AM

Drew Barrymore wants to make one thing crystal clear: “If anyone looks at these pictures and thinks, ‘Oh, everything is going so smoothly,’ they should know that Olive had the sniffles and Frankie was hungry, the dogs were running around, and it was chaos!” she says of her family’s photo shoot at home in Los Angeles.

“We were cracking up. It was hysterical.”

The star wouldn’t have it any other way.

Less than three weeks after giving birth to Frankie, her second daughter with her art-adviser husband, Will Kopelman, 36, Barrymore, 39, was back at work promoting her new comedy with Adam Sandler, Blended, despite sleepless nights and toddler-chasing days.

“I have no brain capacity to do anything right now!” she jokes, stifling one of several inadvertent yawns as she talks about the joy she’s found as a mom.

“But I have my heart. And I can love my kids like nobody’s business.”

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