"Smoking anything for an hour will make you feel a little bit dizzy," prop expert Jeff Butcher told Refinery29

By Mike Miller
March 29, 2017 02:29 PM
Michael Kovac/Getty

Here’s a film shoot Drew Barrymore won’t easily forget.

According to a Hollywood prop expert who specializes in faking drug use for movies, the actress once thought she got stoned off the faux marijuana used in her 2010 film Going the Distance.

“There was a scene with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long where they smoke out of a bong, and it was kind of a mixed experience,” prop specialist Jeff Butcher told Refinery29.

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Butcher had found success in previous movies with an herbal substance that resembles weed but doesn’t get a person stoned — unless you’re Barrymore, apparently.

“I spent like an hour smoking this bong to try and make it look like a bong that had been smoked in before, and then you know we did the scene and Drew thought that she was high and the directors thought that she was high,” he recalled.

“I really don’t know, I mean I smoked the stuff for an hour and it had no effect on me, you know, other than I guess I felt a little bit dizzy — smoking anything for an hour will make you feel a little bit dizzy.”