The debate over the dress's colors has polarized the Internet in a way no actual debate of any import ever could
Credit: Courtesy swiked/Tumblr

Is this dress black and blue or white and gold? Do you care? You must.

Probably the only thing half of your Facebook friends have been talking about, the dress in question appears in a post taken from Tumblr and is a picture that appears to have been taken with a 1997 Nokia camera phone.

People are up in arms about which color combination is actually represented by the dress’s fabric.

That’s it. Were you looking for more? There is no more.

Buzzfeed, which “broke” the story originally, has approximately 4,574 other posts all related to the dress. More than 11 million people have looked at the original post, which is basically only the original Tumblr post. But people can’t stop talking about it.

Here are what some famous examples think about it.

Incidentally, Slate spoke to the woman who posted the original picture, 21-year-old Caitlin McNeil, from Scotland. She says the dress is blue and black.

According to a press release from Twitter, the volume of #whiteandgold or #blueandblack tweets is about equal. To paraphrase Theodor Adorno, “to write poetry after #DressGate is barbaric.”

For our part, we’re with Chrissy Teigen.