Texas Man Commemorates DressGate with Tattoo of 'The Dress'

Now Daniel Howland will remember the color-changing dress that puzzled the world forever

Photo: Courtesy swiked/Tumblr

Blue and black? White and gold? What color is that flipping dress? TELL ME, INTERNET!

These are the questions that have plagued the world over the past week and will now follow Daniel Howland, 24, for life.

The Texas man had the much discussed frock of DressGate tattooed onto his calf on Friday, according to the New York Daily News.

“I keep up with social memes and I see all of this stuff going around. This is the one thing that I couldn’t wrap my brain around,” Howland, a professional piercer, told the paper.

The ink, which Howland got because he “thought it would be funny,” took tattoo artist Nick York about 20 minutes to complete.

The tattoo features the dress as black and blue, framed in text that reads “White and Gold?” – or maybe we are just seeing things.

Roman Originals, the maker of the mystifying garment, confirmed that the dress is actually blue and black, but that didn’t stop countless folks – celebrities included – from weighing in.

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