Started at 20 degrees now it's sunny

By Melissa Locker
Updated January 23, 2014 10:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy

Sorry, Sam Champion, but we’re getting our weather reports from Drake now.

The rapper may have started from the bottom, but now he has his very own weather site, which is something that even Kanye West doesn’t have. (Yet!) was created by three inspired developers who made meteorology 100 times more attractive by adding Drake’s likeness to their new site.

While a weather forecast that just featured the rapper’s motto, “YOLO,” every day would have been sufficient, actually works.

The site detects your location and then posts the forecast beside a giant image of the rapper s head, which was taken from his latest album, Nothing Was the Same.

The site not only changes the background to visually represent your location s current weather conditions, but as an homage to Drake’s Canadian heritage and international appeal, it displays temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You’re going to want to go ahead and replace the weather app on your phone, because is better – even if it doesn’t call light showers Drake’s nickname, “drizzy”.

Click here for a video of the app (warning: strong language).

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