Some cell phone company executives have a few helpful notes on Drizzy's song

Credit: Theo Skudra, Courtesy of T-Mobile

If there’s one accusation it’s impossible to level against Drake, it’s that he’s a humorless guy. Part of his entire appeal is that he largely seems to be in on his own joke(s).

To that point: He’s just starred in a T-Mobile Super Bowl ad parodying his own instantly-iconic video for “Hotline Bling.”

Drake dons everyone’s favorite grey turtleneck and takes up his spot in the colored cube for the clip (titled “Restricted Bling”) that sees him sing the first line of his hit, “You used to call me on my cell phone,” before the competition’s lawyers chime in with some suggestions.

Drake helpfully acquiesces, noting that the changes “don’t ruin the song at all.”

All we want to know is, is this appearing on the next album? The singer’s newest track, “Summer Sixteen” dropped last week, and he officially confirmed that it’s the first single off his new album Views from the 6, which will be coming out in April.