The 27-year-old rapper unveiled his impression of the Filipino boxer at the ESPY Awards Wednesday night

Credit: Itchesaintpoop

The Fallon Theory of Virality states that in order to make it big with a musical parody these days, you’ve got to go high-concept. Just singing a song in a funny voice won’t cut it – you’ve got to introduce at least three disparate elements, ideally from different worlds of pop culture. One of these things should be normal, another should be super-popular and the third should be kind of weird and unexpected.

On Wednesday night at the ESPY Awards, Drake proved he understands these lessons as well as anyone, taking one normal thing (Drake), adding a super-popular thing ("Let It Go") and then throwing in one very random thing (Drake’s impression of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao). The result? Drake sings "Let It Go" as Manny Pacquiao. Does it make any sense? No. Is it hilarious? Yes.

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