On Monday, Drake dropped the video for his latest single, “Hotline Bling.” And the rapper’s dance moves are everything you would expect (and more) from a former Canadian child star who became a hip hop artist, avid turtleneck advocate and lover of moms.

The Internet, reasonably, is losing all chill over Drake’s freestyle, vaguely-interpretive dance stylings, which include stomping, bopping, snapping and some up-and-down hand stuff.

Here are six reasons – of thousands – that we believe Drake’s iconic moves should sweep da clubs of this great nation.

1. His moves sync up with all genres of music.

2. His moves are timeless.

3. Turtlenecks should be everyone’s getting-turnt uniform, especially as the weather gets colder. (Yet again, Drake proves more sensible than all of us.)

4. Remember when dancing used to be playful? And have a sense of pageantry? Drake remembers.

5. Snapping. We don’t snap enough anymore. That’s a huge problem.

6. Bottom line: We should all feel the beat 1/30520810 as intensely as Drake.