The two actors were on rocky ground earlier this year after Peck apparently didn't invite Bell to his wedding


The 2017 reunion everyone was waiting for finally happened. No, it wasn’t the Will & Grace reunion. It wasn’t the Real Housewives of New York either. It wasn’t even the Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth and The Hound’s run-in at King’s Landing.

No, this reunion was between Drake Bell and Josh Peck from Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, which ended in 2007. The two actors were on rocky ground earlier this year after Peck apparently didn’t invite Bell to his wedding, and Bell tweeted a shady comment about it. Bell recanted the tweet in July saying he was just being “cranky,” and then the two hugged it out at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday, seemingly squashing any remnants of feud speculation.

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That wasn’t enough, though, and Peck released a vlog detailing him surprising Bell at the VMAs.

Drake is clearly shook to death and tells Facebook to leave his former costar alone. “Lay off,” he tells his fans after being prompted by Peck. The internet is loving the vlog, which already has more than 1.5 million views. “You’re welcome, childhood,” jokes Peck. (Thank you, now where is Miranda Cosgrove?)

In another video, Peck surprises famous YouTuber and Drake & Josh superfan David Dobrick by blindfolding him and bringing Bell in to sing their Nickelodeon show’s theme song. Dobrick trolls the pair by bringing up the wedding twice, saying, “I told Josh he was a dick for not inviting you to the wedding.”

In both videos, Peck keeps saying “It’s all love,” and Bell seems confused and uncomfortable throughout. We can relate.

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