You Can Now Run Through the 6 with a Handful of (Very Funny and Free) Drake Apps

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If you thought only one Drake-inspired app existed in the hardcore world of Drizzy fandom, think again.

The app lineup for Drake fans is intense, and pretty hilarious – so much so that, full disclaimer, we spent more than an hour playing around with (ahem, researching) four of them. Believe us when we say that these apps will change your life forever (or at least give you your Drake fix ’til Views from the 6 drops).

1. Runnin’ Through the 6

What It Does:

This app, an homage to the rapper’s single “Know Yourself,” allows users to help an animated Drake literally run through the 6 (with his woes) for bonus points. But be warned: If pint-sized Drizzy hits a wheelchair, you lose the game, and he’ll be sent back to Degrassi High. (

What We Think: Addicting. And we’re not just talking like “Know Yourself” playing on an endless loop in the background addicting. Much like Super Mario Bros., the goal of the game is simple: rack up as many tokens as possible.

Who Should Download It: The frustrated fan who was offended by the lack of Drake in Flappy Bird. Also acceptable for those passing time in their doctor’s waiting room.

2. Drake Shake

What It Does:

It’s the ultimate photobomb: Sneak a snapshot of Drake to an existing saved photo when you shake your phone. Not satisfied with the pic? Keep shaking to add different Drake poses to suit your selfie. (

What We Think: We don’t know about y’all, but taking a selfie with Drake has been on our bucket list since his second appearance on Chelsea Lately. If you’ve ever wanted to sip white wine spritzers with Drake, or have dreamed of inviting him to brunch with mom, then this app is for you.

Who Should Download It: The fan who has repeatedly tried to get a selfie with Drake at every concert but failed each time, only to get a blurry picture of a poker-faced bodyguard in the background.

3. Drizzy

What It Does:

Stuck on how to respond to a friend’s text? Looking for a killer opening line on Tinder? Drizzy is the answer. The app, which displays your phone keyboard with a list of Drake lyrics to choose from, is not only super convenient, but also creepily accurate. (

What We Think: The Drizzy app is to us as cleavage-baring selfies are to Kim Kardashian (that’s true love). We tried this out with a friend – here’s the exchange:

Friend: “Let’s hang out!”
Drizzy app: “Trying to take you out girl, hope you’re not too busy.”

Who Should Download It: The hopeless romantic who has always wanted Drake as a wingman.

4. Celebrity Fan Quiz (Drake Edition)

What It Does:

Convince your friends once and for all that you’re the ultimate Drake fan by taking on rounds of multiple-choice questions, ranging from pre-fame to awards-themed trivia, all tied back to Toronto’s greatest achievement. (

What We Think: Awesome. Depending on where you fall on the Drake fandom spectrum, our final game score could be classified as either really impressive or straight up shameful. And we are more than okay with that.

Who Should Download It: If you’re looking to up your Drake game or are searching for intellectually stimulating conversation starters, look no further than this app, which delivers the intensity of Jeopardy and the latest Drizzy news to your fingertips.

Bonus: These desktop destinations are our idea of an entertaining distraction from work – even more so when OVO’s finest is front and center.

1. Let Me Drake That for You

What It Does:

Spice up your Google results with this Drizzy-inspired search engine that offers content solely related to the rapper, no matter what you search for. (

What We Think: Gifs! Music videos! Album reviews! This is the closest any Drake fan will probably ever get to a Drizzy encyclopedia. We searched “Love” and a long list of memes, a video of Deborah Cox proclaiming her adoration for the rapper and a gallery of Drake posing with athletes popped up on our screen in a matter of seconds. Also notable: the “I’m Feeling Drizzy” feature, which shows full screen gifs of Drake dancing. Nothing beats that.

Who Should Use This: The fan who is having major Drizzy withdrawals. Also ideal for those who have no clue about the greatness that is Drake, but are totally open to a basic lesson (i.e. grandparents, love-sick hipster friends).

2. Drake Weather

What It Does:

Playing off his last album Nothing Was the Same, this site uses the rapper’s cover art to give fans a real-time look at the day’s weather, with the sky background transforming into dark thunderclouds, a rainstorm or snowflakes depending on the current forecast. (

What We Think: We just found our newest homepage screen.

Who Should Use This: For anyone who considers their weather app to be the most boring add-on on their smartphone, Drake Weather offers a desktop view that not only allows you to ogle the rapper throughout the day, but also leaves you informed about the day’s forecast.

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