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Drake and Rihanna – also known as the reason that the fire emoji (and the expression “too hot to handle”) was invented – have been secretly dating for months, a source tells PEOPLE.

We’re happy for both parties, but honestly, we’re also jealous of both parties. But mostly happy because their chemistry has been undeniable for years.

From music videos to performances to just hanging out, there is no hotter duo in music right now. We now present you with the most scorching moments in Drihanna history.

Warning: Make sure you have plenty of water on hand before you continue scrolling.

When they were so into one another that they forgot that there were other people in the room/the world

When they actually were the only people in the room, and our computer screens almost melted

When Drake stopped by the Anti World Tour in Los Angeles, and we were just like damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

When he joined her for her BRIT Awards performance, but the only award they were interested in was Most Intense Eye Contact of All Time

When they steamed up the refrigerated section of a convenience store

When the tension between the two of them was so intense, it felt like we were intruding by watching the music video

When they had a date night so perfect that it actually made us sad that we’re currently single

When they were super playful in their coordinating grey tops

When Drake summed up how all of us feel about watching him dance with Rihanna

When they stared at each other from opposite sides of the room and somehow it was even hotter than when they were all over each other

When Drake caressed Rihanna’s head we all needed to lie down/take a personal day off work

When just everything about this

“They have been keeping it a secret because this time around, they want to do it right and keep their relationship private,” says the source of the couple, who were rumored to have dated a couple years ago.

We eagerly anticipate the Drihanna wedding.