The film has made over $100 million in almost three weeks since its release

March 04, 2015 12:55 PM

China’s box-office gross in February was $650 million, which is (a) a lot; and (b) significant because it beat the U.S.’s gross for the first time ever, by $10 million.

And the No. 1 film in China? A little historical epic called Dragon Blade that’s grossed over $100 million after only two weeks of release.

But Dragon Blade isn’t just any historical epic: It stars Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack as Roman soldiers in China. Here’s a quick primer to the film.

1. It’s a Passion Project for Brody

Adrien Brody in Dragon Blade

Brody worked with Chinese filmmaker Xiaogang Feng in 2012 on the drama Back to 1942, and he set his sights on working with Chan next. “I feel a deep connection to Asia,” Brody told Deadline. “I’ve been able to develop close friendships with a core group of extremely talented filmmakers and financiers, who have opened many doors.”

2. It’s Inspired by a True Story

Jackie Chan in Dragon Blade

The film is inspired by the story of a missing Roman legion that supposedly wound up in China during the the Han Dynasty, seeking control of the Silk Road trade route. Variety does note that the film “plays as recklessly with classical history as 300 did,” though, so don’t expect a history lesson.

3. It’s Got a Variety of International Celebrities

Besides Cusack, Brody and Chan, the film also stars Choi Si-won, member of the South Korean K-pop band Super Junior. He was previously on the silver screen in Battle of Wits. It also stars the Chopsticks Brothers.

4. It’s Been a Work in Progress

John Cusack in Dragon Blade

Chan had wanted to put Dragon Blade together for seven years, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I didn’t make the film because the government policy wants to protect the Silk Road.”

“I am ahead of them,” he added. “I hope chairman Xi [Jinping] gets to watch this film.”

5. It Will Be Coming Stateside
Variety adds that the film is already slated for a U.S. release, though no one seems to be able to churn up a specific date.

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