Dr. Ruth Offers Tips for Having a Super Sexy Valentine's Day

The famed sex therapist suggests trying something new – like "laundry foreplay"


Every day should be Valentine’s Day, according to famed sex and relationship expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer – especially in the bedroom.

But for the special day coming up on Saturday, she suggests spicing it up even more.

“You want to make sure the bedroom doesn’t become boring,” Dr. Ruth, 86, tells PEOPLE. “Try something new.”

Her new tip, which she is offering through Clorox, is that even doing laundry with your partner can turn the both of you on.

“Up until recently, most men didn’t do the laundry,” she says. “But women really like the gesture. They find it sexy.”

You won’t just end up with clean clothes, she says.

“The vibrations of the washing machine and the dryer could turn you on,” she points out. “It’s called laundry foreplay.”

Taking your sex life out of the bedroom and into the laundry room is just one piece of advice Dr. Ruth is offering up.

“You can’t expect your relationship to always twinkle,” she says. “Valentine’s Day is the day you can really think about how happy you are to have a partner.”

And if you’re not in a relationship, Dr. Ruth has an idea: “Go out and meet someone but don’t bring up your sad stories right away,” she says. “Start off with a clean slate and come in with an open mind about who that person is.”

Most importantly, she suggests, look up from your cell phone and have some real conversation.

“What worries me is that people are losing their ability to talk,” she says. “We are getting so used to using our phones. I’m not against the Internet but put the phone away, smile and have some good conversation. That’s when you meet someone special.”

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