"He gave me criticism which I felt was correct," Sharon says of the guru's advice

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 22, 2005 08:00 AM

After four seasons, MTV’s The Osbournes faded out quietly on Monday, though the oddball family still managed to exit with a bang.

In the finale, self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw visited the Osbournes’ Beverly Hills manse and menagerie to assess the family. Matriarch Sharon Osbourne says that after meeting Dr. Phil she now has “lots of respect for the man,” even going so far as to call his critique “spot on.”

“He gave me criticism which I felt was correct,” says Osbourne. “I didn’t give my kids a lot of structure when they were growing up, and I should have put more guidelines down with them. I definitely should have done that. I sort of knew that within myself but never admitted it.”

As for what went on in that madhouse, Sharon is now contemplating the sale of their residence as their rebel youth Kelly and Jack consider moving out.

“We’re thinking of selling it,” Sharon tells the Associated Press. “It’s really sort of become our office. It’s not like coming home. Everybody knows where we sleep. Everybody knows what our bed is like. It would be nice to have something that’s kind of more ours than the world’s.”

As for ending the show, whose ratings have slipped as the series wore on, “You have to end on top,” Osbourne says. “You can’t milk it. The thing is, I think we made a great statement. We made a great impact. We opened the doors for so many other people, and it’s just time for us to move on.”