Three weeks after learning he was at high risk for colon cancer, he televises his colonoscopy

Dr. Mehmet Oz is still coming to terms with the frightening results of a routine colonoscopy, and he’s sharing the experience with his audience.

During The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday, he showed a video clip of the day gastroenterologist, Dr. Jon LaPook, a CBS Evening News correspondent, told him a polyp was precancerous, and if left untreated, could have become colon cancer.

“I was shocked!” Oz, 50, says. “If even I, someone who has no risk factors or family history, and who eats healthy and exercises, could have an adenomatous polyp, it could happen to anyone.”

Oz, who also showed footage of the colonoscopy, says he hopes he can help save lives.

“Early detection is the best way to catch these before they turn into colon cancer,” he says. “I’m damn lucky I got checked out.”