Dr. Laura: Flying Low

United Airlines has removed ads for Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s radio show from its in-flight magazine because of statements she’s made about homosexuality. United spokesman Matthew Triaca told Reuters that the views of Dr. Laura — who called gays “a biological error” on her radio show — conflict with the carrier’s “corporate commitment to respecting our employees as well as our customers.” Dr. Laura has also lost two major on-air advertisers, Xerox and the online branch of Toys ‘R Us, spokespeople for the firms confirmed on Wednesday. Earlier this week, Proctor & Gamble announced it was canceling its ads on Dr. Laura’s radio show because of the controversy her positions have sparked, and that it would not advertise on her upcoming fall TV show. Paramount TV, the future show’s syndicator, has issued a statement saying it was “disappointed” by P&G’s decision.

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