By Maria Yagoda
January 04, 2016 02:45 PM

If you don’t live in New York, you may have trouble understanding why a cosmetic doctor is trending on Twitter.

But Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, 70, was so much more than a doctor; he was a larger-than-life figure lighting up New York City’s subways with ads so campy, so kitschy, they wouldn’t even fit in at a Route 66-themed diner in 1980s Denmark.

On Monday, the Daily News reported that Zizmor has retired and shut down his Manhattan office.

You may ask: “How did a man known for acid peels and cosmetic procedures achieve icon status?” But that’s probably the wrong question. A better question is: “How come he turned down a 30 Rock cameo appearance?” (True story.)

Last year, Zizmor’s ads got spoofed on Kroll Show, and the fake ads actually appeared in New York City subways.

The overwhelming consensus from Twitter on Monday is that the man will be missed more than any cosmetic surgeon-dermatolgist has ever been.

Thank you, Dr. Zizmor.