Downey Back in Slammer

Actor Robert Downey Jr. was handcuffed and sent back to jail for a psychiatric examination and drug treatment in Malibu Tuesday after admitting to a judge he had not been able to break his drug habit. The Oscar-nominated actor, 34, was ordered by Municipal Court Judge Lawrence Mira to undergo a psychiatric examination and to be placed in a lock-down drug treatment program at least until another court appearance Aug. 5. Mira ordered Downey back to drug treatment after the actor admitted in court that he had not submitted to court-ordered periodic drug tests since last December.

  • Peter Knecht, an attorney for Downey, told reporters outside the courtroom that the actor “admitted he has a continuing addiction problem.”
  • Downey spent 113 days in jail in 1997 for violating his probation on a 1996 drug conviction for using an illegal drug. He was arrested three times in 1996, including once for driving while intoxicated and carrying heroin, cocaine and an unloaded gun in his pickup truck.
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