This Police Officer Can't Stop Shaking It Off, and Taylor Swift Loves It (VIDEO)

Officer Jeff Davis from the Dover Police Department must be a major Taylor Swift fan


Attention dancing police officers – Taylor Swift heartily approves of your sass.

Officer Jeff Davis from the Dover Police Department in Dover, Delaware, became a viral sensation when a clip of him dancing along to Swift’s earworm of a hit, “Shake It Off,” hit the Internet.

Swift herself has weighed in on the Internet hit, and it sounds like she’s a fan:

Davis is seen in the video boogying to the song while driving and displaying impressive lip-synching skills.

Some of us would be embarrassed if we were spotted in a moment of intense car-dancing, but Mark Hoffman, a spokesman for the DPD, told USA Today that it was staged.

“This was done in fun,” he said.

“While reviewing in-car cameras, we tend to see some ‘interesting’ things,” the DPD wrote on their original video. “We decided to share them with you in a new series called … Dash Cam Confessionals.”

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