Douglases Detail Wedding

PEOPLE's cover couple, honeymooners Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, held a press conference in Beverly Hills yesterday to clear up what they called some misconceptions about their lavish, star-studded Nov. 18 wedding at New York's Plaza Hotel. Although price tags for the bash have been put at anywhere from $1 million to $2 million, the Douglases passed on providing a tally of the cost. Furthermore, Zeta-Jones said, her husband wouldn't tell her, and she has yet to receive the bill from designer Christian Lacroix for her wedding dress (reported to have been $250,000). They explained that the reason for asking guests to give money to a charitable trust set up in the name of their four-month-old son Dylan was so that later in life, the boy could "learn the joy of giving." Furthermore, said the bride, she is still not used to saying the word "husband," but "I love it when (other people) say it to me. People call me ‘Mrs. Douglas' at the gate to our (New York) apartment. It kind of makes my eyes sparkle."

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