Douglas, Zeta-Jones Chill

The affair between Michael Douglas, 55, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 30, may have cooled off for the holidays. The Welsh actress flew home to be with her family for Christmas — without Douglas, who has been her constant companion since February. “I had no idea she was coming home for Christmas,” the actress’s 88-year-old grandmother, Zeta Jones, told the British Press Association. “I thought Catherine would be in America with Michael — that’s why I sent her (Christmas) cards there.” Granny went on to add: “Now, she’s with her mother. They are doing a lot of talking. I don’t know what has gone wrong.” Monday’s New York Post, however, cites friends of the couple — such as Martha Stewart — as saying the relationship is just fine, while the Daily News says that Douglas bought Zeta-Jones not one, but two diamond bracelets for Christmas.

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