June 29, 1998 12:00 AM

Michael Douglas, 56, and his new bride Catherine Zeta-Jones, 31, took a break from their honeymoon to sue Britain’s glossy Hello! magazine for publishing unauthorized photos of their New York wedding of last weekend. The Daily Telegraph reports that the Douglases have successfully won a ban and that about 740,000 copies of Hello! were ordered to be withdrawn from circulation by London’s High Court on Tuesday. Some 16,000 copies nevertheless managed to be sold beforehand, the Telegraph notes. “I have no doubt these images are confidential and on the face of it the defendants are in breach, as alleged, of confidentiality,” High Court Justice Hunt told the newspaper. The Douglases had sold the rights to exclusive photos of their wedding to Britain’s OK! magazine (a Hello! rival) for a reputed $1 million, which reportedly has been earmarked toward a charitable trust set up in the name of the couple’s infant son, Dylan. The pictures in Hello! were said to be of poor quality. In other news of the Douglases, who are now said to be honeymooning on a $3 million yacht in the Bahamas, they reportedly tipped $40,000 to the staff at the Plaza Hotel, where the wedding took place. The gratuity was split between 150 people, reports the New York Post, which did some math. That worked out to some $265 per person.

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