Despite recent reports, the actress says she's still "so optimistic" about the future of her show

By Jessica Gold Haralson
Updated November 17, 2008 09:00 AM
Credit: Scott Wintrow/Getty

Did NBC cancel Lipstick Jungle last week? Depends on who you ask.

Several outlets reported the show’s demise last week, but stars Brooke Shields and Kim Raver insist it’s simply not true.

“We haven’t been cancelled,” Shields told reporters Sunday at a charity event in New York. “They thought that because My Own Worst Enemy had been shut down, that the same thing had happened to us. But it’s not true!”

In fact, the Lipstick star said she’s been “inundated” with reassuring emails from NBC bosses. “[They’re] saying, ‘You’re not cancelled. Don’t worry. We’re just trying to figure out how to make this make sense,’ ” Shields explained. “I’m crazily so optimistic. I haven’t lost any sleep yet.”

Officially, the network says WHAT TK.

Costar Raver agrees that the show hasn’t been cancelled … yet. But she sounds significantly less secure about the show’s future.

“We don’t know for sure [what will happen],” Raver said. “I think on Monday there’s emergency meetings happening as to what’s going on …. It’s really hard.”

No matter what happens, Raver added, she’ll cherish the friendships she made on the set.

“Me and Brooke and Lindsay [Price] have such a good time,” she said. “On Friday we couldn’t look at each other [thanks to the cancellation rumors]. We were just like, ‘We just can’t go there yet!’ ”

Fans have been similarly overwrought. “[NBC Studios] has already been inundated with tubes of lipstick!” said Shields. “Like [when fans sent] peanuts for Jericho. I think the public outcry has been so crazy and kind of wonderful in support of the show.”

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