Donda West's Doc: Her Death 'Almost Destroyed' My Business

Dr. Jan Adams tells Larry King he is now a "target" for lawsuits and bad press

Photo: CNN's Larry King Live/AP

Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who performed liposuction and breast reduction surgery on Kanye West’s mom one day before her Nov. 10 death, says the repercussions have nearly ruined his practice.

When Larry King asked Tuesday night how the publicity from Donda West’s death has affected business, Adams replied: “Horribly. It’s almost destroyed.”

The CNN host then asked about reports of possible malpractice suits being filed against the doctor. “Certainly, I think me having done a TV show makes me a target,” said Adams, the former host of Discovery Health’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After.

The autopsy on the 58-year-old West concluded that she died of heart failure. Although “there was no evidence of a surgical or anesthetic misadventure,” the report found that “multiple post-operative factors could have played a role.”

“As far as I’m concerned,….at least the autopsy report suggests nothing went on during surgery, nothing went on during recovery,” Adams told King.

Adams told King that Kanye West has not contacted him “recently,” but that lawyers for the rapper’s family have been in touch. He refused to discuss Donda West’s case in detail, citing patient-doctor confidentiality.

This is not the doctor’s first appearance on Larry King Live, but it was his most successful – Adams walked off the show back in November, claiming that the West family had asked him not to speak.

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