The 5 Most Over-the-Top Things Donald Trump Said During His Presidential Announcement

Donald Trump's presidential announcement was full of dramatic and comedic flair

Photo: Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty

Trump Tower was buzzing with energy Tuesday as Donald Trump announced for the first time that he will be running for president.

To set the tone, the song “Memory” from the musical Cats blasted inexplicably over the loudspeakers.

Throngs of supporters wearing “Trump: Make America Great Again” T-shirts lined the halls of the Midtown Manhattan skyscraper, which Trump happily claimed in his announcement speech as not only one of his business triumphs but also one of his presidential credentials.

The crowd went wild when the billionaire businessman, real estate mogul and reality TV star – and yes, now Republican presidential candidate – finally appeared at the top of an escalator, gave two of his trademark thumbs-ups, and descended to his stage. Which brings us to our first quote.

1. The Donald reminded his audience of "thousands": "I’m really rich."

“That’s the kind of thinking our country needs,” he said, adding that he has a total net worth of more than $8 billion. (Forbes, however, lists his net worth at half that amount, $4.1 billion.) “We have the opposite thinking. We have losers. We have people that don’t have it.”

2. He invited President Obama to "leave early" to play golf on one of his courses.

“Remember, Obamacare really kicks in in 2016,” he said. “Obama is going to be out playing golf. He might even be on one of my courses. I would invite him.”

3. The Donald plans to use his real estate experience to build a "great, great wall" on America’s southern border.

That’s not all – “I will make Mexico pay for that wall,” he said. We imagine it will be like the Berlin Wall … but with a Gucci store.

The Donald also corrected some common misconceptions about himself in his speech.

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4. He loves China.

“People say, ‘You don’t like China.’ No, I love them I just sold an apartment for $15 million to someone from China. Am I supposed to dislike them?”

5. He’s says he’s actually a super nice guy.

“People say, ‘Mr. Trump, you’re not a nice person. But actually I am,” Trump said. The clarification came after he labeled Mexican immigrants “rapists” and drug distributors, and U.S. politicians as “stupid,” “morally corrupt” losers.

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