Anthony Senecal also tells PEOPLE he did not discuss President Obama with Donald Trump
Credit: Eustacio Humphrey/The Palm Beach Post/Zuma

Donald Trump‘s campaign is distancing itself from Anthony’s Senecal‘s racist rants on Facebook, including the former Mar-a-Lago estate butler’s desire for President Barack Obama to be hung.

“I did write that I think Obama should be hung,” Senecal tells PEOPLE, adding that he did not discuss these sentiments with Trump. “I never said kill, I said hung. But the truth is that either one results in death. I got ticked off at the black b—–d because he has gutted our resources and spends money on Muslims.”

Mother Jones reported Thursday that Senecal, who is now retired, wrote at least four posts on Facebook calling for President Obama to be hung. He also made other inflammatory and racist remarks.

In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks said, “Anthony Senecal worked within the large staff at Mar-a-Lago from March 5, 1994, through May 15, 2009, until he was terminated. He has not been employed by Mar-a-Lago since then – approximately seven years ago. His statements regarding President Obama and his family are totally disavowed by Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization. They are disgusting. Mr. Senecal is obviously a very troubled man.”

Senecal, who worked for Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach for 17 years, tells PEOPLE that his comments are totally his own ideas.

“Donald and I have never discussed President Obama,” he says.

On May 23, 2015, Senecal wrote on Facebook:

“I feel it is time for the second American revolution!!! The only way we will change this crooked government is to douche it!!! This might be the time with this Kenyan fraud in power!! [W]ith the last breath I draw I will help rid this America of the scum infested in its government–and if that means dragging the ball less dick dead from the white mosque and hanging his scrawny ass from the portico–count me in!!!”

Mother Jones reported that Senecal called for First Lady Michelle Obama, whom he calls “Sasquatch,” to be hung, in addition to the rest of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton (he calls her “Killery”).

While Trump’s camp condemned these posts, Senecal tells PEOPLE that he has a right to voice his own opinion.

“I have not talked to Donald about my opinions or posts,” Senecal says. “These are totally my ideas.”

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In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, the Secret Service said, “The U.S. Secret Service is aware of this matter and is conducting an appropriate investigation.”

But Senecal says has not yet heard from them.

“No one from the Secret Service has contacted me,” said Senecal. “Maybe they will and maybe they won’t.

Since leaving his most recent job at a West Palm Beach antiques store, Senecal says he will actively campaign for Trump this summer and fall.

“Now my job is to go out and tell everyone to vote for Donald Trump,” Senecal tells PEOPLE.

“He is an outsider and will look inside of Washington and blow it apart.”