Donald Trump says the stories of Ben Carson's violent past aren't helping the candidate, whether they're true or not
Credit: Jason Bahr/CNBC/Getty

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says Ben Carson’s stories of his violent past do more harm than good – whether they’re true or not.

Carson, 64, has come under recent scrutiny as media outlets have questioned the authenticity of his alleged violent childhood he discussed both publicly and in his 1990 autobiography Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. But Trump has said in a series of tweets that the stories aren’t helping the GOP Republican candidate whether they’re authentic or not.

“The Carson story is either a total fabrication or, if true, even worse-trying to hit mother over head with a hammer or stabbing friend!” Trump, 69, tweeted on Thursday.

Carson’s stories, billed as pillars in his road to redemption, include stabbing, brick and rock throwing, baseball bat beating, and a hammer attack on his own mother. CNN mounted an investigation into the stories, but claimed in a recent article that it has not been able to verify that any of the alleged incidents ever took place.

And on Friday, Politico reported that Carson’s campaign admitted to fabricating his West Point scholarship.

Carson has faced questions and criticism as a result of the revelations and Trump, never one to bite his tongue – or tweets – when it comes to his opponents, went on a small Twitter rant about the situation.

“With Ben Carson wanting to hit his mother on head with hammer, stab a friend and Pyramids built for grain storage don’t people get it?” he tweeted.

Another tweet reads: “Carson now admits his friend named ‘Bob,’ who he tried to stab (Bob was saved by his belt buckle!), no longer exists as Bob. Wrong name!”

Trump has taken to criticizing Carson in recent weeks, as Carson has surged in the polls. In a recent tweet, Trump criticized a poll placing Carson ahead of him, tweeting in part, “I am #1 easily! Sad.”

Carson has refrained from returning Trump’s criticism, but the retired neurosurgeon seems to have his plate full, as he is pushing back against CNN’s investigation.

“This is a bunch of lies,” he told CNN’s “New Day” of the investigation. “This is a bunch of lies attempting to say I’m lying about my history, I think it’s pathetic, and basically what the media does is they try to get you distracted.”