January 14, 2016 02:05 PM

Donald Trump launched a merciless new attack at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, Wednesday night – on his microphone.

“And, by the way, I don’t like this mic,” Trump told a crowd of at least 11,000 people. “Whoever the hell bought this mic system – don’t pay the son of a bitch that put it in, I’ll tell ya … No, this mic is terrible. Stupid mic keeps popping. Do you hear that, George? Don’t pay ’em. Don’t pay ’em. You know, I believe in paying, but when somebody does a bad job – like this stupid mic – you shouldn’t pay the bastard.”

Donald Trump
Scott Olson/Getty

Is he done yet, you ask? No, not yet.

“Terrible. Terrible. It’s true. And you gotta be tough with your people, because they’ll pay, they don’t care, they’ll pay. So, we’re not going to pay. I guarantee, I’m not paying for this mic. Every two minutes, I hear, like: ‘Boom, boom.’ Anyway, I hope it’s okay for you out there.”

No word on whether the unnamed “bastard” ever saw a paycheck.

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