January 12, 2016 02:15 PM

Donald Trump returned to The Tonight Show Monday night and host Jimmy Fallon put the GOP hopeful in the hot seat for a “mock job interview” and asked him about his greatest weakness.

“I’m too nice too long, and when somebody takes advantage of a situation, I become too bad for too long,” Trump responded. “So I think I maybe have to have a little bit of a shorter memory. It wouldn’t be so bad.”

Trump, 69, illustrated his tendency to hold grudges earlier that day when he responded to Fox News host Megyn Kelly‘s claim that the GOP front-runner had tried – and failed – to “woo” her with compliments on her work.

“@megynkelly recently said that she can’t be wooed by Trump,” he tweeted Monday afternoon. “She is so average in every way, who the hell wants to woo her!”

Donald Trump
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Kelly told Vanity Fair in the magazine’s December cover story that, despite The Donald’s smooth talking, she “can’t be wooed.”

“He would send me press clippings about me that he would just sign ‘Donald Trump.’ And he called me from time to time to compliment a segment,” Kelly said. “I didn’t know why he was doing that. And then when he announced that he was running for president, it became more clear.”

“But I can’t be wooed. I was never going to love him, and I was never going to hate him.”

Trump has been attacking Kelly on Twitter ever since the Aug. 6 Republican debate, where she confronted him about derogatory comments he’s made towards women.

Fallon, 40, also asked the billionaire businessman for his thoughts on the conspiracy theory that he was secretly hired by the Democratic Party to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win.

“I’ll set the record straight right now,” Trump said. “The newest poll just came out today where I’m beating [Hillary] easily and substantially.”

“I’m winning against Hillary one on one – and I haven’t even started on her yet.”

The Tonight Show airs weeknights at 11:35pm on NBC.

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