Donald Trump Responds to Ex-Mexican President's F-Word Comments: 'The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Higher'

Just hours after Vicente Fox spoke out against him, Trump strikes back

Photo: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Donald Trump would like an apology.

This afternoon, former Mexican president Vicente Fox lashed out at the GOP frontrunner for his threats that he will – if elected – build a wall to block out Mexican immigrants from entering the United States, saying “I’m not going to pay for that f—ing wall. He should pay for it.”

Hours later, Trump had the opportunity to respond publicly to Fox’s comments on stage at the Republican Debate.

He was quick to shoot down any questions about just what he’d do if Mexico refused to pay for the wall.

“I will [make them pay],” he said. “And the wall just got ten feet taller.”

Trump was quick to call out Fox for his comments – and his use of the F-word – saying that if he himself had used the same language publicly, it would have been a “national scandal.”

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“It’s a filthy, disgusting word,” Trump said. “He should apologize.”

Trump continued to insist that “This is a wall that is going to work,” and when asked just how he’d get Mexico to pay – even if they refused – Trump said that he’d even be willing to start a “trade war” to get them to do so.

“They are not doing us any favors,” he said of Mexico.

Fox wasn’t the only one critiquing Trump’s plans: Marco Rubio was quick to attack them, too.

He said: “If he builds the walls, he’ll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it.”

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