"I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion," Donald Trump said of rival John Kasich

By Tierney McAfee
April 26, 2016 01:15 PM

Having trouble stomaching the 2016 election? Wait’ll you sink your teeth into the latest squabble.

After John Kasich horrified New Yorkers by noshing on pizza with a fork last month, Donald Trump is putting the Ohio governor’s eating habits back on the table.

At a rally in Warwick, Rhode Island, Monday night, the GOP front-runner mocked Kasich for giving interviews while eating pancakes in a “disgusting fashion.”

“He has the news conference all the time when he’s eating. I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion,” Trump said of Kasich.

John Kasich eats a piece of pizza at Gino's Pizzeria and Restaurant in New York
Bryan Thomas/Getty

“This guy takes a pancake, and he’s shoving it in his mouth. It’s disgusting! Do you want that for your president? I don’t think so.”

Donald Trump at the Iowa State Fair
Win McNamee/Getty

Kasich’s campaign fought food with food, taking to Twitter to poke fun at the billionaire businessman’s failed line of Trump-branded steaks.

“.@RealDonaldTrump, we were looking for some Trump steaks for the governor, but no one seems to sell them anymore,” Team Kasich tweeted alongside a picture of Trump eating.

Those steaks are really coming back to bite Trump this election.