Donald Trump Says He's Looking Into Paying Legal Fees of Supporter Who Allegedly Attacked a Protester

Donald Trump also said he doesn't accept responsibility for any violence at his rally

Photo: Source: Meet The Press/NBC News

Just days after canceling his Chicago rally due to violence, Donald Trump says he might pay for the legal fees of a man accused of punching a protester at an earlier event.

Appearing on Meet the Press on Sunday, the GOP frontrunner told Chuck Todd that he “going to take a look at” the legal situation that John McGraw, 78, is facing after allegedly punching another man at a North Carolina rally on Thursday. McGraw was arrested and charged with assault, battery and disorderly conduct, and claimed that he might kill the protester if they crossed paths again, according to the New York Times.

“I will say this. I do want to see what that young man was doing,” Trump told Todd of the protester. “Because he was very taunting. He was very loud, very disruptive. And from what I understand, he was sticking a certain finger up in the air. And that is a terrible thing to do in front of somebody that frankly wants to see America made great again.”

He made sure to note that the man’s actions didn’t make McGraw’s violence OK, but said, “I want to see. The man got carried away, he was 78 years old, he obviously loves his country, and maybe he doesn’t like seeing what’s happening to the country.”

“I want to see the full tape. But I don’t condone violence,” Trump said, adding of McGraw’s legal fees, “I’ve actually instructed my people to look into it, yes.”

Regardless, the real estate mogul doesn’t “accept responsibility” for the violence that has been plaguing his recent events.

“I do not condone violence in any shape,” he said. “As far as my previous statement, we had somebody that was punching and vicious and gone crazy, a disrupter, they’re not protesters. I’m telling you, they’re disrupters, they’re professionals.”

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On Saturday, the 69-year-old called for police to start arresting any and all protesters at his rallies.

“If they want to do this … we’re going to go strongly for your arrests,” he said.

Trump told Todd, Sunday, that despite all the incidents, there has been “very, very little problems” at his rallies.

“We haven’t had a real injury or anything,” he said. “And then Chicago I canceled, and I did a great thing by canceling it, because who needs the problems, who needs people getting hurt? I didn’t want that.”

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