AP Photo/Gerald Herbert
September 06, 2016 03:25 PM

A new survey of all 50 states highlights one of GOP nominee Donald Trump‘s weakest voting demographics: white women with college degrees.

Both male and female white college graduates have voted solidly Republican in recent elections, but the new Washington Post-Survey Monkey poll of more than 74,000 registered voters shows that Trump has “an unprecedented deficit for a Republican among college-educated white voters, especially women.”

The Post reports, “Across 49 states where the poll interviewed at least 100 white college-educated women, [Hillary] Clinton leads Trump with this group in 38 states and by double-digit margins in 37. Averaging across all states, Clinton leads by 23 points among white women with college degrees.”

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The 50-state poll also shows Trump has small leads in two expected battleground states, Ohio and Iowa, and is close in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which typically vote Democrat.

But Clinton’s small, unexpected leads in the historically red, key states of Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Florida give her a big electoral college advantage, the Post reports. Clinton has 244 electoral votes, 26 shy of the 270 necessary to win the election, while Trump has just 126 electoral votes, according to the survey.

The findings come as Trump is catching up to Clinton in national polls, including one from CNN released Tuesday that shows the two candidates in a dead heat, with Trump topping Clinton 45 percent to 43 percent.

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