Trump, wife Melania and his children gave a peek into their family dynamic on CNN

By Diana Pearl
April 12, 2016 11:00 PM
Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Donald Trump is a busy man.

So busy, in fact, that while he crafts all his tweets himself, he doesn’t always have time to hit the send button. In that case, he revealed during a town hall on CNN with Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night, he’ll dictate them to his secretaries.

“During the day, in the office, I just shout it out to one of the young ladies who are tremendous, and I’ll just shout it out and they’ll do it,” he said. “But during the evenings, after 7 o clock or so, I ll do it by myself.”

And while Trump admitted that he loved the power of social media, it had some negative potential, too.

“It’s the retweets that get me in trouble,” he said.

Trump was joined by his family, including wife Melania, daughters Ivanka and Tiffany and sons Donald Jr. and Eric at this week’s town hall, where the family discussed their bond with the presidential hopeful and what he was like as a father.

What really stuck with Trump’s kids was his daily reminders of “No alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs,” which he d repeat to them every morning at the breakfast table, Trump said. Though it had his kids eyes rolling at the time, all four on stage spoke of how grateful they were for their father’s direction.

“In retrospect, as parents, we see how much that was an important message,” Ivanka said.

Ivanka Trump

All four spoke of bonding with their father over business (Donald Jr. and Ivanka), school (Tiffany) and golf (Eric).

But while Trump’s kids all praised his parenting skills, he admitted that he’s done growing his family.

“We’re not really thinking about having more kids,” he admitted after wife Melania deflected the question.

But while Trump isn’t having anymore kids, that doesn t mean there aren’t more Trumps making their way into the world. His daughter Ivanka just welcome her third child, Theodore, two weeks ago.

“Everything is going incredibly well,” she said. “It’s a blessing, so we re incredibly happy.”

Ivanka and her brother Eric also both spoke out about the fact that neither of them will be able to vote for their father in the New York primary next week, because they both are not registered as Republicans.

“I’m an Independent, I’ve always voted based on the candidate, as opposed to based on the party,” Ivanka said of her typical political habits. Trump said that if he were to win the nomination, however, she’ll definitely be voting for him in the general election – to which she wholeheartedly agreed.

“It was our first foray into politics,” Eric said. “We didn’t realize how the whole system worked.”

Eric reminded Cooper that though he and his sister can t vote for their dad, they re big supporters, and that their presence on the campaign trail proves that. And in light of their own mixup, they re hoping to educate other voters.

“There’s no one who’s been more visible on the campaign than the two of us,” he said. “So we’ve made it a very big part to get that message out. It actually was a great educational process for us.”

Melania Trump
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While the bulk of the town hall was focused on Trump’s relationship with his family, he had a few minutes before they stepped out to talk about the race – and his competitors. Of course, he couldn t resist a jab at Cruz.

“I don’t think anyone really wants Cruz,” he said when asked who the Republican establishment s ideal candidate would be. “Who would want him? There s no reason to want him.”

Some things never change.