"How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?" Donald Trump says of Ben Carson's narrative about his violent youth

By Tierney McAfee
Updated November 13, 2015 03:40 PM
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Donald Trump likened Ben Carson‘s self-admitted “pathological” temper in his youth to the incurable illness of a child molester during a shocking, 95-minute rant to Iowa voters on Thursday night.

“If you’re pathological, there’s no cure for that, folks,” Trump told the crowd of his new closest rival. “If you’re a child molester, a sick puppy, there’s no cure for that.”

He didn’t stop there. Ripping into the former neurosurgeon’s controversial narrative about his violent past, Trump at one point flipped his belt buckle up and down to mock one of the key anecdotes in Carson’s story of redemption: The time a young Carson tried to fatally stab a friend – or “close relative,” who can keep track? – only to have the knife stopped by a belt buckle.

“So I have a belt: Somebody hits me with a belt, it’s going in because the belt moves this way. It moves this way, it moves that way,” Trump said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

“He hit the belt buckle. Anybody have a knife? Want to try it on me? Believe me, it ain’t gonna work. You’re going to be successful, but he took the knife and went like this and he plunged it into the belt and, amazing, the belt stayed totally flat and the knife broke.”

Trump had harsh words not just for Carson but also for his supporters in Iowa. (A CNN/ORC poll released last week showed Trump and Carson running virtually neck-and-neck among Iowa voters.)

“How stupid are the people of Iowa?” Trump asked the people of Iowa on Thursday. “How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

Trump also made some room in his tirade for other presidential hopefuls, calling Marco Rubio “weak like a baby” and accusing Hillary Clinton of playing “the women’s card, big league.”

He also vowed to “bomb the s— out of [ISIS].

Carson responded to Trump’s epic rant on Friday, telling reporters in South Carolina, “Now that he’s completed his gratuitous attack, why don’t we press on and deal with the real issues?”

“That’s what the people of America are concerned about, not so much politics as usual, politics of personal destruction – that’s what the American people are sick and tired of,” he said, according to CNN.

A Carson aide recounted another, simpler response from the GOP hopeful:

“Pray for him.”