Donald & Melania Ready for Baby

The Trumps tell PEOPLE about their first year of marriage & impending parenthood

During their first year of marriage, Donald and Melania Trump reveled in being a twosome – but now they’re getting ready to be a trio.

Expectant mom Melania, 35, who is seven months pregnant, is glowing these days. But Trump, 59, who has four children by his two former wives, Ivana and Marla, was a bit taken aback by the initial news that his new wife was expecting, the couple tell PEOPLE in its latest issue.

“He came home (one day last August), and I told him he’d be a daddy,” says Melania, laughing. “And his reaction was … at first he needed to take it in. It was a real surprise. And then he was very happy.”

Donald gently corrects her. “I expected we were going to have children, so I wasn’t totally surprised,” he says. “But I was surprised by the speed of it. It happened very quickly.”

Although they occasionally go out to the movies (most recently, Memoirs of a Geisha), the couple prefer to spend evenings nesting at home, either at Mar-a-Lago in Florida or in their triplex apartment at Trump Tower in New York, often after eating a dinner prepared by Melania.

“She cooks beautifully,” says her spouse. But not Donald. “Number one, I don’t think it’s my job to cook,” he says. “Number two, it’s just not my thing.”

But doesn’t he ever bring his wife coffee in bed in the mornings? “No, I don’t do that,” says Trump. “I get up very early – 5 o’clock,” he explains, “read the papers, see the news on television. And by the time it’s 6:30, I’m ready to go (to work). Melania is asleep.” Even when she’s up, “she lets me have my space, which is great,” he says.

His wife agrees. “We are very independent, both of us,” says Melania, who lately has been rising at 7 a.m. to oversee construction of the baby’s nursery in Trump Tower. Donald “will be a fantastic dad,” says Melania, although “I don’t expect him to walk down Fifth Avenue with a stroller.”

Trump agrees he’s likely to be a hands-off father in that respect. Although he was present when Melania had a sonogram (boy or girl? “It’s a secret,” she says), he says he won’t be shopping for baby clothes with her. Nor does he expect to be at her side in the delivery room. “I think it’s easier for Melania if I’m not there,” he says.

For the first few months, Melania plans to stay close to home. But eventually we will take the baby with us,” she says. Though she hopes to resume her modeling career, she says she’ll be picky about assignments, taking only the ones “that I’m passionate about.” Whether she’s working or not, Melania has already hired a full-time nanny.

Donald, meanwhile, will still be firing: “NBC just signed me for two more seasons of The Apprentice,” he says. “Number 5 is being completed now in New York. In June or so, I’m going to California. Number 6 is going to be shot all in Los Angeles. That’s a pretty big change right there.”

Still, don’t expect the Trumps to do anything different on their first anniversary on Jan. 22. “We’ll spend it alone together; we won’t have people around. That’s the best,” says Donald. “I feel really comfortable in a bathrobe.”

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