Stars Who Are Recreating Dolly Parton's 'Get You a Woman Who Can Do It All' Meme

Get you a star who can do it all

Dolly Parton has started the first meme frenzy of 2020!

The legendary country singer, who just celebrated her 74th birthday, started off her year with a meme that instructed her followers, "Get you a woman who can do it all ?" The collage included the photos that Dolly would use on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder as her profile pictures.

Her LinkedIn profile picture would, naturally, be a photo of her dressed to impress from her 1987 variety show, Dolly. Her wholesome Facebook photo was one of her in a Christmas sweater, her Instagram photo was a vintage shot of her with a guitar and her Tinder profile picture would be one of the blonde bombshell as a Playboy bunny.

Because Parton is a trendsetter, her meme format has started to take off! Everyone from Martha Stewart to Ellen DeGeneres has created their own version, and they're unbe-meme-able!

Mindy Kaling

Of course, her Office character, Kelly Kapoor: The Business Bitch, made the cut!

Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo captioned his set of photos, "Get a guy who will play them all ✨"

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former governor of California said it best when he posted his photo: "Wherever Dolly Parton goes, I follow."

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore drew from inspiration from her past roles in E.T., Never Been Kissed, Grey Gardens and Santa Clarita Diet.

The Jonas Brothers

"Wow. So versatile," the band of brothers mused after taking their turn at the viral meme.

Viola Davis

The How to Get Away with Murder star absolutely nailed the challenge. Check out the sweet photo of her family that she chose as her Facebook profile pic!

Gordon Ramsay

We'd swipe right for Ramsay if that was his real Tinder photo.

Martha Stewart

The tastemaker shared her own version of the meme, which included a picture of her heating things up in the kitchen, her fur babies, her best friend Snoop Dogg and a throwback photo.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar's included an ode to her Cruel Intentions days.

Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest took it a step further, adding a hilarious MySpace photo.

Andy Cohen

And Cohen admitted that he is "always inspired by Dolly Parton" after sharing his meme.

Barbara Corcoran

The Shark Tank star and entrepreneur made sure to include her fellow Sharks in her post.

Chelsea Handler

The comedienne's collage included a very professional throwback, a sweet snap with pals, a weed-themed photo and a bikini pic!

Kristin Chenoweth

We would've guessed that Chenoweth would've included a photo of her playing Glinda in Wicked on Broadway somewhere in her meme!

Conan O'Brien

The comedian's Instagram and Tinder photos are sights to be seen.

Rachel Zoe

Zoe proclaimed that she is "LinkedIn in the streets, Tinder in the sheets," before asking, "Did I even do this right?"

Kerry Washington

The Scandal star has meme-making handled. Of course she used Olivia Pope as her LinkedIn profile picture.

Jennifer Garner

The actress nailed her version of the meme, including using a photo from her Alias days for LinkedIn and a totally glam shot of her in a gown for Instagram.

Arianna Huffington

The HuffPost founder chose some glam throwback photos to include in her post.

Ellen DeGeneres

The talk show host flexed a little with her version of the meme, including a photo of herself with Jimmy Kimmel, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara and Chance the Rapper.


And this, my friends, is exactly why you should always ask yourself: WWDD: What would Dolly do?

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