Dolly Parton: I Don't Have a Cleavage Tattoo – Yet

She lowers her dress for Anderson Cooper's audience to dispel the rumor

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

She may have starred in Steel Magnolias, but it was a different type of flower that had everyone talking about Dolly Parton recently.

A photo of Parton, 65, at the premiere of her new film, Joyful Noise, appears to show a rose tattoo in her cleavage – but the country superstar insists it was fake.

“Was that not the ugliest picture you’ve ever seen?” Parton scoffed, when Anderson Cooper asked her about the tattoo on his talk show. “That looks like something obscene.”

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“Do you see that? Do you see it?” she went on, lowering her dress for Cooper and the audience as proof that her sizable chest was unadorned.

An uncomfortable-looking Cooper admitted he didn’t, but later asked: “Do you have tattoos?”

“I might,” she responded. “But I’m not going to show ’em ’til they catch me at it.”

Viewers can see Cooper’s full interview with Parton on Jan. 19.

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