Delta Airlines gave Frank Romano $200 to cover the loss of the dog, but the owner says that's not enough

By Drew Mackie
Updated November 12, 2014 03:05 PM
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When the Romano family moved from Los Angeles to Tampa, Frank Romano thought their dog, a pitbull named Ty, would join them in their new home. Ty, however, didn’t even make the cross-country flight.

While waiting in line to board the plane on Oct. 31, Romano was approached by a Delta Airlines employee who first told him that the dog had escaped his cage. Then, just a few minutes later, Romano was told that Ty had run away and could not be found.

According to Delta, the dog chewed through the kennel. But after seeing pictures of the damaged container, Romano says he doesn’t think that’s a likely scenario. “To me, honestly, it looks like it was broken from the outside,” he said in an interview on Today. “Like, the metal door was off the hinges and everything. It doesn’t look like a dog bit through that.”

Delta has allegedly offered Romano a $200 credit, but he says he’d prefer to get Ty back. “I just want my dog back safe and sound,” he said on Today. “He’s my best friend. I just want to see him again.”

And while Delta continues to investigate the dog’s disappearance, LAX told Today that staff has called off the search for Ty, and there have been no sightings of dogs around the airport.

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