Firefighters saved a pet dog that fell through the ice in Massachusetts

By Nate Jones
Updated December 25, 2013 04:05 PM

Bark, the herald angels sing!

One lucky dog was the recipient of a Christmas miracle Sunday, when firefighters rescued her from a freezing river outside of Boston.

Crosby, a 5-year-old golden retriever, was out for a weekend walk in the woods in Wellesley, Mass., when she fell into the frozen Charles River. After receiving a frantic 911 call from her owners, Wellesley firefighters put on cold-water suits and dove in to rescue Crosby from the ice – and the entire mission was caught on film.

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that all dog owners keep their pets away from frozen rivers, lakes and ponds this holiday season, as it’s never clear how much weight an ice sheet can support.

Watch the harrowing but ultimately heartwarming video above. Crosby is one lucky pup.

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