The Botched doctors are traveling around the country to help people who are Botched By Nature

By Julie Mazziotta
June 28, 2016 05:00 PM

The Botched doctors are hitting the road.

After years of readjusting plastic surgery-obsessives gone wrong – those aiming to look like Barbie dolls or become perfectly identical with their sibling – doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are traveling across the U.S. to help those Botched By Nature.

Botched has given us the opportunity to treat patients from all over the world who had unfortunate outcomes from plastic surgery procedures,” Dubrow tells PEOPLE. “The incredible depth of that experience has taken our skill level to uncharted territories. We wanted to apply this unique skill set to help those who are victims of accidents of nature.”

Botched by Nature is the most challenging and rewarding experience we have ever had as surgeons.”

In this exclusive clip from the premiere episode, Dubrow and Nassif set out to visit patients who were born with genetic issues – like the woman who was born as a conjoined twin and suffers from scarring on her backside – or involved in traumatic incidents, like a woman who was struck by lightening.

Nassif says Botched By Nature does more than just help people physically – together with Dubrow, they’re helping people mentally as well.

“Since working on this show, Dr. Dubrow and I have had incredible opportunities to meet patients whom have been inflicted with awful, life-long congenital diseases or devastating physical injuries,” Nassif tells PEOPLE. “Since these injuries are so traumatic, we give the opportunity for the patients and their loved ones to open up and discuss how this has affected their lives and the lives of their families. This is very important to us in order to grasp the emotional and physical struggles of their situation.”

Botched By Nature premieres Wednesday, August 3th at 9pm ET/PT on E!