The show will go on for the country star, who plans to resume his tour Thursday

By Andrea Billups
Updated April 28, 2008 11:45 PM
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Kenny Chesney received the go-ahead Monday to continue his Poets & Pirates tour after injuring his foot during a concert in Columbia, S.C. Saturday night.

Chesney was checked out by a sports medicine/orthopedic doctor from the Tennessee Titan’s football team in Nashville, who said the singer could perform but needs to take it easy, according to his rep.

Chesney, who also underwent a series of tests with his own orthopedist in Nashville, said he was determined to continue with the tour if possible.

“Dr. Elrod got that the last thing I want to do is cancel shows, but also that I don’t want any kind of lasting damage because being able to hit that stage and really rock the fans is important to me,” Chesney said. “He told me it’s going to hurt – though nothing could hurt worse than Saturday I don’t think – and they can give me something to deaden the pain when I get out there.”

Chesney didn’t break any bones during the onstage accident, when his foot got pinned between the stage and a hydraulic elevator used for his dramatic opening entrance. He sustained a hematoma from the ankle down, with most of the damage in his toes. At the show, the country super star continued to perform before a crowd of more than 44,000 people for about an hour and 40 minutes, visibly in pain.

“It was scary for a moment,” added Chesney. “You don’t know what’s happening and you just feel this pain. Once you’re out of there, though, the crowd carries you. ”

Chesney’s tour resumes May 1 in Austin, Texas.