Lindsay Kimble
January 27, 2016 01:25 AM

The fourth year neurology resident caught on camera attacking an Uber driver is speaking out about the viral incident she says has affected all aspects of her life.

Appearing on Good Morning America, Wednesday, Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon said a series events caused her to lose her cool and physically and verbally assault a driver in the Brickell area of Miami last week.

“I see a person that is not me. I’m ashamed,” she said, later explaining that her father had been hospitalized earlier that day and a few minutes before she and her longterm boyfriend had broken up.

“I was extremely stressed out that day,” she told GMA. “It was probably one of the worst days of my life It was completely out of character It’s really not me.”

In the clip, Ramkissoon screamed at the driver and attempted to physically assault him before entering the vehicle and throwing his belongings out onto the street. The driver was dispatched to the location to pick up another rider and had refused to drive the intoxicated Ramkissoon. He ultimately decided not to press charges, but after the video was uploaded to YouTube, Ramkissoon was placed on administrative leave by her employer, the Jackson Health System, and suspended from Uber.

“Yes I’m on administrative leave from my job right now but at the same time, this has not just affected my career, it’s also affected my family,” she said on Wednesday. “It’s affected my personal life. I get it. I did something extremely horrible and I’m also extremely sorry for it.”

Ramkissoon said that she’s been attacked online since the video’s release and has been targeted with messages “telling me that I should kill myself, that I should have been raped that night.

The doctor expressed her gratitude toward the driver for accepting her apology and said that she paid for the damages to his vehicle that night.

“I had a bad night; I made a huge mistake, the biggest mistake of my life, and that person is not me,” she told GMA, adding that she understood there is “absolutely no excuse” for her actions.

So why speak out? Ramkissoon said she hopes the incident will serve as a lesson to others.

“I did it and I’m ashamed of what I did and this would never happen again,” she said. “At the same time, I think that I should also speak out to send a message out to people and the public to be careful and use my story as a lesson to be careful what you do in public because the things that we do can be taped and we can have to suffer severe ramifications for these things.”

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