Donald Trump Says Ivanka and Melania 'Begged' Him to Act More Presidential – but He Doesn't Want To

Trump made the comments during a rally in Tuscon on Saturday

Photo: Getty

Donald Trump may be running for president, but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly going to start being politically correct.

Speaking to a large crowd of supporters during a rally in Tuscon, Arizona, on Saturday, Trump said that both his wife Melania Trump and his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump “begged” him to start acting more presidential – but he “doesn’t want to be.”

Despite the large turnout for his Tuscon event, the rally was met with disruptions from protesters. The new wave of anti-Trump protesters has increased over the past few weeks, culminating in the former reality star canceling a rally in Chicago, citing safety issues. In fact, earlier in the day, at a rally near Phoenix, protesters briefly shut down a road to the event, reportedly stopping traffic for an hour.

Meanwhile, Trump likely has other things on his mind. The current GOP front-runner is eyeing two big primary contests on Tuesday – Arizona, which has 85 delegates, and Utah, which has 37. Trump currently leads the pack of nominees with a total of 678 delegates (he needs 1,237 to secure the nomination) with Sen. Ted Cruz in second place with 423 delegates. On the personal side, Ivanka is currently expecting her third child any day now.

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